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Tell us what you can see #downthemarket by submitting a blog or posting your images onto Instagram and including our hashtag and you could earn up to £100.
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With so many young designers, crafters, street food businesses and entrepreneurs making the most of markets to springboard their business, I think we need to make a bit more of what you can see #downthemarket.

I find it amazing how little the markets industry capitalises on the kudos of providing the breeding ground for much of our pop culture.  While the markets sector is doing well overall, in the face of pressures from out of town shopping and internet sales, there is a recognition that significantly less young people are shopping at markets than there were when the Red or Dead founder Wayne Hemingway was making his fortune at Camden Market back in the seventies.

Yet markets are some of the hippest places about.  In large urban areas such as London, Manchester and Birmingham, young people are flocking to their local markets for a good night out.  With a choice of so many street food vendors, places such as Brixton Village, described by the food critic Jay Rayner as “the most exciting, radical venture on the British restaurant scene right now”, you have the option to eat at a different place for each course or indeed if going in a group, each person could eat whatever they like, making a night out very flexible for even the most serious foodies.

With so many of the current big hitters on the food scene starting on markets, it would be great to see more noise on social media about the up and coming stars of tomorrow operating on our nations street and covered markets.  Of the Olive Magazine’s Top 16 Street Food Stalls, 12 operate out of markets and I would love to see Instagrammers and bloggers sharing the love for their local street food scene by checking in at their local markets of a weekend and sharing all that is fresh and fabulous.  Then there’s the fashion and lifestyle brands, the health and beauty businesses, the retro, vintage and antiques markets and the homemade, handmade artisans and collectives.

“we want to reach out to photographer’s and seasoned bloggers, by offering £100 for the best blogs submitted about what you can see #downthemarket”

I feel so passionate about this we’ve had a little chat in the Marketti office and we want to reach out to photographer’s and seasoned bloggers, by offering £100 per month for the best blogs submitted about what you can see #downthemarket…..and don’t forget to tag the market you took the photo at and the business it refers to.

To submit a blog about what’s going on #downthemarket when you’re out and about, email

All winning articles will be posted onto the MrsMarket blog.

Authors of articles that do not win the monthly prize may be asked if their work can be posted for a fee.

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