Mrs Market | Go Digital Challenge for #LYLM2018
I’m issuing the ‘Go Digital for #LYLM2018 Challenge’ to get markets and traders online and on the map!
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Go Digital Challenge for #LYM2018

Go Digital Challenge for #LYM2018

Love Your Local Market fortnight is coming up at the end of May and across the country Market Managers are considering what to do to make their markets stand out as part of the celebrations.


In 2015 markets were encouraged to go digital as part of the campaign but while some solutions have started up since then to connect the industry online, no single solution has offered a platform to list all markets and link them to the businesses that make their living on them…..till now.

Over the five years I ran the Love Your Local Market campaign, the call to action encouraging markets to arrange special events over the fortnight can create a stumbling block to participation.  With dwindling resources and budgets, it is a struggle for market operators to come up with something with the ‘Wow Factor’.  But what is Love Your Local Market other than a mechanism with which to increase awareness of markets, with an aspiration to see a rise in footfall and dwell time, as well as extra spend going into the tills of stallholders?

In order to not only survive but to thrive, the market industry needs to make considerable in roads into going digital.  We need to aggregate markets and the businesses on them to make them easy to discover, by not only locals but inbound visitors.  To increase their bottom line, stallholders need to compete for business in the nation with the highest take up in online sales and have an e-commerce solution that accepts card and contactless payments and in so doing, the work of setting up Click and Collect facilities only falls to the operator to create the infrastructure to ‘Collect’.

This is why I’m issuing the ‘Go Digital Challenge’ for #LYM2018 to encourage the industry to sign up to Marketti in time for May.


The platform addresses all of the above and more and is free to sign up to.  The product of years of research talking to market managers and stall holders I am thankful to my business partner Derek Stewart for finding the finance to launch the platform which is currently in Beta with markets signing up by the day.  Quite simply, Marketti is the product of ‘what markets need’ and now we just need you to get on board.

What better time than for Love Your Local Market fortnight!


Local Authorities wishing to find out more can read our Briefing Note

Sign up to Marketti Mail to sign up to our Beta Programme!


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