Mrs Market | London’s Mayor is getting behind the capital’s street markets
It was a very exciting morning catching up with the new London Markets Board and I was delighted to see on the list, some of those I had recommended amongst old friends, industry experts and experienced business leaders.
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London’s Mayor is getting behind the capital’s street markets

London’s Mayor is getting behind the capital’s street markets

Our capital’s markets are some of the most famous in the world, attracting millions of visitors each year and contributing £247.6 million to the City’s economy, amongst the 280 markets recently mapped by the Mayor’s office.

With Borough Market, having recently celebrated 1000 years of trading we know markets have supported the social fabric of the City for millennia, offering Londoners an opportunity to make something of themselves with very little outlay or risk.  While a new report “Understanding London’s Markets’ has evidenced that “overall the markets sector is flourishing” it was great to head over to Borough in December to hear the announcements of the Market Board for London who shall be tasked with meeting the many challenges facing markets to ensure they thrive well into the future.

It was a very exciting morning catching up with the new Board members and I was delighted to see on the list some of those I had recommended amongst old friends, industry experts and experienced business leaders.  Accompanying the announcement of the Boards’ members, the GLA reported “The Mayor is committed to doing all that he can to ensure (markets) continue to thrive and remain a vital part of life in London, bringing diverse social, cultural and economic benefits that will help to deliver his vision of a City for All Londoners”.

 Deputy Mayor, Jules Pipe who will be co-chairing the Board said “The Mayor and I want Londoners and visitors to support markets across the city.  Markets have been an important part of London life for centuries and we’re committed to helping this continue long into the future.”

Another great announcement of the day was the long-awaited news that London has been chosen to host the 2019 International Public Markets Conference in partnership with Project for Public Spaces (PPS), an internationally-recognised, non-profit organisation founded in 1975, whose mission is to create and sustain public spaces which build community.  I was very lucky to have helped the GLA put the bid to host the conference together earlier in the year, in my new role as an advisor on the Mayor’s Special Assistance Team for Markets, so the announcement felt like an early Christmas present.

It will be very exciting following the work of the Board and seeing whether the model will be embraced across the devolved regions.  With markets offering such a diverse range of socio-economic and environmental benefits it would immensely powerful if the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly also became so committed to the health of our nation’s markets.

The London Markets Board members are:


Jules Pipe – Deputy Mayor for Planning, Regeneration and Skills and co-chair of the Markets Board. Jules was formerly the Mayor of Hackney and chair of London Councils.

Helen Evans – Director of Business Development at New Covent Garden Markets. Helen is also a member of the London Food Board and the co-chair of the Markets Board.

Darren Henaghan – Managing Director of Borough Market. Darren has worked as Director of Environment for the London Borough of Ealing. After training as a civil engineer, he has worked in senior positions at Barking and Dagenham and Ealing councils.

Debbie Carpenter – Market development manager at London Borough of Camden. Debbie previously worked for over 20 years as market manager at Tower Hamlets council.

Diane Cunningham – Director of The Assembly Line. Diane co-founded Chatsworth Road market in Hackney where she was a director of the Community Interest Company (CIC) and sat on the Street Markets Advisory Board, a cabinet level group at the London Borough of Hackney.

Graham Wilson – chief Executive Officer of the National Association of British Market Authorities. Graham is the leading legal advisor to the market sector with an in-depth knowledge of markets legislation.

Hazel Simmonds – Consultant with MAC-UK, which engages with the UK’s most deprived young people to improve their well-being. Hazel was previously Interim Assistant Director at Hampshire County Council for Economic Development and Deputy Director for Neighbourhoods and Regeneration at Hackney where she had responsibility for markets and small businesses.

Hilary Paxman – Hilary has worked in a range of departments in the civil service, and worked on local economic growth issues and leading on the Government’s response to the Select Committee report on markets.

Ian Dodds – Head of markets, KERB. Ian has developed and now oversees a portfolio of six London street food markets.

John Burton – Urban Space Management. A chartered surveyor, John managed Greenwich Market, Gravesend Heritage Quarter, Swindon Market Hall and West Silvertown retail. He has been involved in regeneration of markets across England and London.

John Shepherd – Managing Director of Partridges of Duke of York Square on the King’s Road. John has many years’ experience in the world of food.

Kay Richardson – Director of Space Embrace Community Interest Company. Kay is also a grant holder for the Wellcome Trust and will deliver public health-themed festivals in 2018.

Cllr Nadia Shah – Camden Councillor. Nadia has been a councillor since 2014. She has been on the council executive, became the first female British Bangladeshi Mayor in 2016/17, and was then elected into the cabinet as cabinet member for Skills Employment and Youth. She is currently the cabinet member for Community Safety. Both of her cabinet positions included markets in her portfolio. She is also involved in managing a family business.

Cllr Rachel Tripp – Newham Councillor. Rachel‘s experience includes working at the Health Professions Council which gives her an excellent understanding of regulation, particularly of designing systems that combine accessibility with robust public protection.

Stuart Horwood – Brixton Traders Association. Stuart is one of the founding directors of the Brixton Market Traders’ Federation. Has been a local trader since 1984.

Joe Harrison – Chief Executive of the National Markets Traders Federation (NMTF). Joe has been appointed as an advisor to the London Markets Board. The NMTF was founded in 1899 and is the UK’s only national trade association for market and street traders, events retailers and mobile caterers.

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