Mrs Market | Meet the Trader - In the Garden
For International Women's Day 2019 we are featuring 10 enterprising ladies from the Marketti Platform. Holly Barsby founder of In the Garden tells us what makes her and her business special.
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Meet the Trader – In the Garden

Meet the Trader – In the Garden

Combining years of experience in design and floristry, mother and daughter Girl Power plant team In the Garden can tame an unsightly terrace, spruce up a shrub and totally revamp an array of spaces! Turning the tide against ‘off the peg’ uninspiring garden centres, Holly loves to delight her customers with tailor made gardening solutions to suit customer’s requirements, quirks and personality. Do your potted companions need a makeover?


Holly Barsby

Business name

In the Garden


What town do you work in?

North West & West London

Tell us something that makes your town special?

A total melting pot of people! Alongside this the contrast of new buildings, new people against old stories, characterful faces & iconic buildings! So much history in the area.

How long have you been in business? Is it something you started yourself, inherited or ‘fell into’?

I have been in business for about 4/5 years and it is something I started myself alongside my mum who gives her undying support and time! Together we make a fab team! I didn’t have any intention or plan to create ‘In the Garden’ but I just knew I wanted to do ‘something’ and ‘something’ with plants!

What’s special about your business? What sets you apart from the competition?

I think our artistic style, the way we create portable gardens, display our planting schemes and plants that we sell. I think what sets us apart is that I buy what I like, I work with the seasons and nature. I totally love plants and can’t help but buy too many every week! Plants are priced to sell and we offer gardening advice and talk to everyone! 🙂

Anything else you want to tell us about your business? Have you got famous customers, do you do anything special for the local community, do you run workshops?

We have a few famous clients and lots of regular local customers who we see on a weekly basis! We have a chair for mum on the market but it ends up more for the locals who want a bit of a chat and a cup of tea!

Do you employ other people? Are they friends, relatives or ‘just employees? What do they bring to the business?

It’s me and my superstar mum! No employees but physical help with unloading plants on market days. My partner Charlie drives and unloads the other van before he goes to work every Friday and Saturday! Great support and understanding from my family and Charlie’s family with our early starts and constant talk and thinking about work and what plants we need to get!

Tell us ONE thing you love about being a market trader #downthemarket.

Only one thing!!? The buzz of the market, it’s infectious! It’s all about the people, the local faces, my customers and their stories. Stories of the week, how their plants live and what they’ve seen down the market that day. People aren’t afraid to chat and ask what you are selling.

Tell us ONE thing you could do without.

Windy weather!

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Goal catching! Each day is different and I get excited to see what happens! There’s no formula on how to run my business so each day is a big adventure and learning curve!



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