Mrs Market | Meet the Trader - Jax Dress Up Box
For International Women's Day 2019 we are featuring 10 enterprising ladies from the Marketti platform. Jacky founder of Jax Dress Up Box tells us what makes her and her business special.
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Meet the Trader – Jax Dress Up Box

Meet the Trader – Jax Dress Up Box

I visited Jacky before Halloween, her stall had been transformed into a dungeon of shackles, ghoulish masks and blood-stained battle axes, thankfully Jacky wasn’t as scary and is in fact a shoppers dream! Always on hand to offer tips and advice to customers rummaging through her extensive stock, Jacky clearly loves what she does and takes great pride in giving the best customer service to Luton Market visitors! Look no further if you need disco costume ideas, did you know Jacky holds a bronze medal for disco dancing from 1976?



Jacky Joiner

Business name

Jax Dress Up Box

What town do you work in?


Tell us something that makes your town special.

I love our local football team and airport!

How long have you been in business? Is it something you started yourself, inherited or ‘fell into’?

I inherited it in 2015 and I am proud that we are the only fancy dress store in Luton and Dunstable

What’s special about your business? What sets you apart from the competition?

Not only are we THE only local fancy dress store, we only sell Smiffys ranges who have won 9 awards for their costumes! We are also UK based (we do not sell on the internet) and take safety very seriously as all costumes are tested to EU standards for fire regulations. Our costumes are UK sized so there is no confusion as to what sizes to try on!

Tell us ONE thing you love about being a market trader.

Meeting people and giving people great customer service- no one can beat the face to face interactions in markets!

Tell us ONE thing you could do without

The stress of down turn in the retail environment

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

The opportunity to meet new people and raise my profile

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