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Marketti Meet The Trader Series. Simon founder of Koala Chess Art tells us what makes him and his business special to encourage people to get #downthemarket and #shoplocal!
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Meet The Trader – Koala Chess Art

Meet The Trader – Koala Chess Art

Disco dancing Triceratops, Anylosaurus baseballers and T-Rex tennis stars! Not content with the dusty corners of museums, these cheeky Dinos with quirky hobbies have found new homes on Simon’s T-shirts along with a troupe of lazy hammock dwelling orangutans and knitting unicorns! Simon’s T-shirt collection of critters can be enjoyed by children and adults with an array of sizes for sale. A passion for pre-historics and all things weird and wonderful? Why not check out Simon’s blog, an informative and amusing read stuffed full of artisitc musings and fun facts.



Business Name

Koala Chess Art

Website / URL

What market or markets do you trade on?

Greenwich market

Tell us something that makes your town and market special.

It’s in a historic place and the majority of traders have a huge input into their products.

How long have you been in business? Is it something you started yourself, inherited or ‘fell into’?

Three years its something I created from scratch.

What’s special about your business? What sets you apart from the competition? Do anything special for the local community, do you run workshops?
Our plan is to make you smile!

We try to draw animals that are endangered and highlight conservation issues in our blog. We also are anti sweatshop for our garments.

What is your favourite product and why? Is there anything special about the production process?

It’s definitely our velociraptor blowing bubbles. It’s fun cheeky and pretty much sums us up.As the description states:

Velociraptors prefer to chase bubbles than people. As Velociraptors’ specific prefix implies, this dinosaur is rapid! The big lungs they use for running are, in fact, what make them such champion bubble blowers and those sharp claws perfect for popping them! All our images are also drawn on a phone!

Tell us ONE thing you love about being a market trader.

Being with other traders. It can be quite isolated being an artist. It’s nice to be with like minded people.

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