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Meet the Trader Series promoting Marketti Traders and Their Profiles. Tim Martin Founder of Retro and Rustic Lamps Tells Us What Makes Him and His Business Special
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Meet The Trader – Retro and Rustic Lamps

Meet The Trader – Retro and Rustic Lamps

For steam-punk chalets to modern man-caves and everything in between! These artisan industrial lamps sure make a statement! We are talking horseshoes welded on to metal poles, chains grasping massive mega 40 watt bulbs and jam – jars moulded into skulls. These lamps ship worldwide or can be purchased from Greenwich Market…the stall won’t be hard to find. just follow the light!


Tim Martin

Business Name

Retro and Rustic Lamps


What market or markets do you trade on?

Greenwich Market

Tell us something that makes your town and market special.

Greenwich Market has such a varied amount of traders selling many unique gifts you wouldn’t find anywhere else

How long have you been in business? Is it something you started yourself, inherited or ‘fell into’?

Since November 2016, I started it with a friend as a hobby but we have done very well, I design/sell & he does the making

What’s special about your business? What sets you apart from the competition? Do anything special for the local community, do you run workshops?

All are lamps are handmade & the designs are unique to us

What is your favourite product and why? Is there anything special about the production process?

The Big Boy Floor Lamps which stand at 4 1/2ft tall & each chain link is welded four times to get them so robust

Do you use any technology to help you run/promote your business?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Tell us ONE thing you love about being a market trader.

Meeting all kinds of people










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