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For National Women's Day 2019 we are featuring 10 enterprising ladies from the Marketti platform. Marcella Livingston, founder of Sacpot gives us an insight into what makes her and her business special.
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Meet the Trader – Sacpot

Meet the Trader – Sacpot

Marcela’s colourful, kookie pots caught our eye in York Shambles Market and we just had to go over for a chat! Available in more than 300 designs to suit all tastes, these Sacpots have been flying off the stall and have found homes in far away locations such as South Africa, Alaska, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador and many more! Ready to express your individuality? Why not check Marcella’s stall on Marketti



Marcela Livingston

Business name



I make in Bradford and Sell in York

Bradford for affordable studio and living spaces. Excellent housing stock. Good transport links and access to motorways. York for a city that feels like a town and built on a human scale. Beautiful, historic and midway between the capitals of Edinburgh and London. Has a good mix of local, UK and foreign visitors. Classy.

I had been working as a public artist for 30 years when my health demanded that I change from designing for heavy vandal resistance outdoors into lighter materials with tensile strength. I began to test synthetic yarns thinking to develop a skin I could stretch over light aluminium frames to create a new sculpture style. This was over two years ago. I chose polypropylene for its extreme outdoor performance properties and its beautiful range of colours. I then learnt how to knit it into a fabric which covered my first frame. The resulting piece was so lightweight I had to make smaller bags which I filled with soil to tether the piece. Holding one, I realised I was staring at a really user-friendly plant pot for outside or inside. Beyond its tactile and modelling properties this little sack felt like something new and different: tough and resilient, it could be shoved on and into irregular shapes, put into the washing machine when it got mucky and store flat. As a lining they can make ugly pots look so much better.

Since then plastics experts have confirmed my Sacpots are an ethical application of synthetics that can also be recycled and classed as vegan. Farmers using similar stuff for hay bailing say they can’t wear it out so I feel confident they are long lasting and most importantly, look great

I make my Sacpots by hand in 300 colour combinations. This gives my customers a chance to think about colour and to choose with more care and consideration than when buying from the usual range of three. Visitors like their average weight of 80 grams each and that you can order them online and receive them through the letterbox. I offer different ways to use Sacpots including vertical planting hung off fencing and balconies, door stops, book ends and general containers. They can even hang from tree branches and sway. Sacpots are so pleasing to hold, you don’t even need to put a plant in it. Just hold it and shape it and give your hands something more involved to do than swipe screens. They make an excellent gift, especially for my generation, who is hard buy for because we already have all we need and sacpots are a good alternative to the usual candles and toiletries and scarves.

I’ve been selling Sacpots in York for about 7 months and demonstrate how they work every Monday, Friday and Sunday. I have a map called “Where have all the Sacpots gone” dotted with various international destinations and it’s filling up nicely.

I make them for now

Market stalls are the most democratic environment I have ever encountered. My colourful stall draws people who like something different and new and I feel like I’m meeting my tribe!

Talking over too loud music played nearby. It’s very draining

Going to work knowing I am part of a community of independent small businesses and neighbourly stall holders and that my work sells!

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