Mrs Market | Phase 2 of development is looking good
It's been a busy summer for the Marketti team as we get into the next phase of development, including social sharing, a new Neighbourhoods platform and so much more.
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Now entering Phase 2

Now entering Phase 2

Well that was quite a Summer.  The long, hot days that brought people to markets in their droves seem but a distant memory as the leaves turn their golden hues and we’ve had all the excitement of Halloween and Bonfire Night.



Life was pretty hectic here at Marketti HQ too as we started planning the next phase of development for the app before we even went into Beta in May.


Now with over 100 markets signed up, the developers have been working around the clock to deliver increased functionality to both the desktop version and Marketti app and it’s so exciting as the new release will be hitting the app stores prior to Christmas (fingers crossed).

Marketti was created to give markets and traders tools more commonly associated with big business.  We’ve already achieved an online home for the industry to have the same features as if they built their own website or app by offering free market and business listings.  It’s also free to add products, promotions and offers and for market operators to have a space to list their events but there is so much more we can do, so what now?

Social Sharing


Well, for starters we have already planned Phase 3 and are in the process of mapping out Phase 4 but that will have to wait for another day.  I think one of the most exciting things to come out of this phase of development is the functionality for you guys to run all your social media from the app if you wish, with social sharing.  This means that any page on the app, whether your business page, market, products or promotions can be shared across social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Email, Text, Whatsapp and Viber which will increase productivity for operators and traders alike.

What this means in theory is that you can have a new item on your stall at 9.00 in the morning.  A quick snap with your smartphone and adding in a description and the price of your product on your Marketti dashboard and your product goes live – by 9.10 with just a few clicks you can share it across all your communication channels.  Sorted!





Now we all know that loads of great markets across the country are actually made up of lots of markets but members of the public don’t necessarily.  Take London’s Portobello Road for example, it sits alongside the other council run market in Golborne Road but just under the Westway, there’s the privately run Portobello Green Fashion Market and on the other side of the road, street food destination Acklam Village Market, while a little further up the road, opposite the bric-a-brac and collectibles part of Portobello, London Farmers Markets have just opened the Ladbroke Grove Farmers Market.

Well now we want to pull them all together in our Neighbourhoods feature.  What this will mean in essence is that if you go to one of the markets above – providing they’re already signed up with us – you will see all the others.  One of the reasons we wanted to do this was to give a picture to the public of the different types of markets on offer but what it means to markets that don’t have big marketing budgets, is they can be represented alongside more tourist destination markets and get more exposure, which in turn we hope, will lead to more sales and higher trader retention rates.



There’s a whole lot more in the pipeline, including allowing operators, comms teams and managers different levels of access and traders being able to sign up to events but if you have any ideas for improving Marketti, then we would love to hear from you.

Send me an email if you have any ideas!



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