Mrs Market | Our 5 step plan to bossing a killer trader description
Did you know 20% of purchases fail due to unclear or missing product and business information? Writing an effective description for your independent business is not only crucial but is easier than you think!
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Our 5 step plan to nailing a killer trader description

Our 5 step plan to nailing a killer trader description

A big HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of our Marketti traders!


You grafted through Christmas, strove dusk till dawn at street food markets and farmers markets and brought smiles to those lucky enough to receive your unique, made-with-love-gifts. You went hard when others went home. So in January’s downtime what’s next?

With a plethora of new exciting Marketti services and features round the corner, why not work on your Marketti business description to attract customers and nail those sales? Did you know 20% of purchases fail due to unclear or missing product and business information? Writing an effective description for your independent business is not only crucial but is easier than you think! To ring in the the New Year with more sales and successes, follow our 5 step checklist to an awesome, ‘look at me’ business page.

1. ‘Words tell, stories sell’

Does your business have an interesting or endearing backstory? Are you a fourth generation butcher? A supplier to local celebs, or Michelin star restaurants? Have you sourced your products from exotic locations far and wide? Your business description is your chance to engage with your audiences’ hearts and minds by giving them insight into what makes you and your business special. Remember, customers have chosen to buy into a person not a high street chain and are interested in your business aspirations, quirky product anecdotes and background.

TIP: Stumped for ideas? Why not include interesting facts about the market and the local area to enhance the customer’s overall shopping experience?

2. Use brilliant Images

A picture is worth a thousand words and ​studies show that ​63% of consumers believe that good images influence their purchasing decision.

Only one image of your stall is permitted on the app so when snapping pictures of your pitch make sure it’s a clear day with great lighting, try to display the full range of products you sell, do not forget to include your stall branding and feel free to make an appearance (however please refrain from selfies however gorgeous you are.)

Roy Dean AKA That Fudge Guy at York Shambles Market, clearly displaying his flash and fun, chatty brand voice!


Product photos should be taken against a clear background and we suggest trailing photos both with and without flash to see which images come out the best! Make sure you centre the product in the frame and that brand labels are visible.

Adam and Eco – Leeds Kirkgate Market – use a stone background to promote their ‘earthy’, naturally sourced products


TIP: Free, easy to use photo editing programmes ​Google Photos​, Preview and Photos (​pre-installed with Mac OS​) and ​Fotor can be used to sharpen images, enhance colours and crop out any unsightly objects. More advanced photographers can check out ​VSCO​’s free and paid for photo editing software plans.

Pergola London – Greenwich Market – take high resolution, clear images on top of a white background allowing customers to envision the product in their own space.

3. know your customer

Consider your prospective customers. What are their wants and needs, aspirations and objections? Are your products aimed at senior citizens, trendy mothers, IT whizz kids or teenage fashionistas? Speak the language of your visitors to build trust and tell them how your business has the expertise to meet their expectations/needs.

TIP: To get more insight into your customers why not run a short survey at your stall? This will help open up dialogue between you and potential buyers while you collect data to refine your products and improve your pitch!

4. Tell us about your values

Today’s customer cares about a business’ ethics and contribution to the planet and society. If there is a charitable arm to your business, tell us! You may contribute a certain percentage of sales to a worthy cause or are simply cautious to use eco-friendly packaging. Whatever your contribution, customers always appreciate a sincere business owner who is passionate about their company’s mission.

DID YOU KNOW: Customer loyalty is 86% likeability and 83% trust

5. Make use of the ‘Offers’ page

Engage with your customers and drive repeat purchases by keeping them informed of your offers and discounts. Marketti is building a suite of tools to help business owners forge close relationships with buyers by providing them with quick, simple ways to promote products. With a snap of your product and a couple of mins filling out some details, customers can browse your deals online!

Team Marketti have markets, social media and photography gurus on hand to help you make the most of your business listing. Any question please contact us at

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